Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Course Reflection Essay

I am writing this to inform anyone interested in taken Mr. Gasparos Eng 111-60 course in the future. I personally enjoyed this class the most this semester, I found it to be the most demanding and scariest, yet, it made me feel so proud that I was able to handle his course assignments. His class is nothing to take lightly and should only be taken if your responsible and timely with your work, because he frowns on tardy work. He also requires you to be very computer literate. If you are not, be careful. I did not think I was, however, I looked at this as a challenge. I was able to figure it out and thanks to the use of blackboard in his course, I have signed up for all online courses next semester. I figure if I could follow his class online, I could do this with any course, and for this I am very thankful. I enjoyed his class so much I only missed one night, and looked forward to each class meeting. We always had a good time, we were all able to comment freely and his use of laughter in the classroom made it pleasant, even when we all thought we would pull our hair out. This was because we all were afraid we would not be able to accomplish his assignments. There was not to many assignments, as a matter of fact, just the right amount. If I would complain on the assignments, I felt that we should have started working on our final argument essay a little sooner in the semester. I felt we did not have enough time to prepare as I would have liked. I also would like to make one final comment and it was that I wish I would have been able to be in more contact with him when I had issues or comments, I needed him to help me understand some assignments and I often would not get a reply until after the assignment was due. Make sure you have fellow classmates numbers. This will be your best luck with help. I sometimes felt he made himself unapproachable in this aspect. Of course, we all know we are one of many, but a little love here and there goes a long way. Right? So in conclusion, I enjoyed this class and would recommend this class. I think Mr. Gasparo is a very knowledgeable, fun, young, and exciting teacher. I wish I could take a 112 course with him this year, but it was not available.

Final Diagnostic Essay Draft

What a day it has been, you will never believe what I am about to tell you that happened to me when i woke this morning. It was about four in the morning, the sun still had not even thought to poke its bright light through my curtains and I turned over to look at the clock. Thats when the strangest thing occured, I could see through the clock, it was as if I had taken all of the screws out of it and was looking at the parts on a table.
I thought to myself, this must br a dream, but no, I was awake, I knew this because i had to pee. I got up and went to the bathroom, still thinking about the clock. I turned on the light and what did I see? Wow! I did not see me. At first. I looked in the mirror and could see faintly my body frame, but i could see through me and see the wall, my hand on the counter blended in as well. What in the world was happening to me?
I did not eat or drink anything unusual, I had not been anywhere, or exposed to something freaky. I started to panic a little, as I did, my body slowly started to return to a flesh tone apperance of a normal woman. No longer transparent. I could see myself again. Why was this happening, I asked myself again. My fear suddenly turned to excitement.
My first thought was "oh yeah, I can have some fun with this." I got so excited I got dressed, but not as i normally dress. I decided to put on my wildest outfit. Something i figured to match my new found superpower. Something spunky, loud, and sexy. I decided on a skin tight dress and over the knee boots. Something like I had seen in a video game.
Ofcourse, I would change my name to a cool superhuman name, maybe something I had heard or similar to something I had read in a comic book. I again thought to myself.Morphia, yes, that will be my new name. Because I can morph into my surroundings. Yeah, that sounds cool.
So I headed out the door, I realized as I sat down in my car, I was beginning to morph again.I began blending into my car seat. But this time it was only my hands, arms, legs, and head. I realized the clothes would still be visable.So I had to undress, if I was to reveal myself to the world as a superwoman. So I did, right there in my car. My body disappeared. So I drove to work, determined to have some fun with my co-workers. I arrived at work, hopped out of my car and walked towardsthe door.
All of a sudden everyone began to laugh. Humiliated, I asked, "what is so funny?". They said, "Why did you come to work naked?". I said,"I am not naked and you can not see me!". They all just continued to laugh, I began to cry. Then all of a sudden, 'poof', I woke up, it was all just a dream, or was it? I surely do not remember going to bed naked.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic Essay


If I woke tomorrow to find that I had a superpower; I would hope that it would be the ability to transform myself into any person, animal, or object I touch or imagine. Of-course, the first task would be for me to learn my power and how to control this superhuman ability. I would need to find out what precautions I would need to take to avoid danger.
To elaborate, I would learn that I would need to steer clear of mirror’s; these catch my real imagine during transformation allowing my enemies to see my real appearance. Thus, also allowing me to be vulnerable to their evil. Another issue, sugar in any form, although sweet as it may be, is like kryptonite. Sugar would cause me to lose my form and become weak and unstable; my many past transformations would jolt thru me as fast as lighting. Although quite a visual for the enemy; this would make me open to the severe danger of capture or death. Sugar would become my most closely guarded secret.
Then my next step would be to give myself a cool superhero name, I would choose the name “Morphia”, I think this is a cool and sexy girly name. I also would then create a super sexy outfit to wear in my favorite colors blue and purple. Exploring my interests would come first before saving the world. I would need to learn how my power works completely to make me stronger and more experienced. I believe that I would travel the world and learn that I one of my favorite transformations would be an eagle; so I could soar high and see far. I could scan from the sky for villains and then fly down, and as I start to land I turn into a cheetah so I can run fast to catch the bad guys.
Last but not least, I would turn into a sexy look alike of actress Megan Fox or Jenifer Gardner and kick the evil doer’s buttocks. Finally, just like every other superhero, I would hope to find others like me so that I would not be alone. As we all know people with these types of powers are often singled out; so trust would always be an issue. I would truly enjoy the fact that I was unique and use it to do good always. But just then, I would wake up to find that it was all just a dream.